How Does Project Cupid Work? Here’s How to Get a Marriage License During Covid-19 in NYC

Wondering how to get a marriage license during Covid-19 in NYC? With the New York City Clerk’s Office still temporarily shut down due to coronavirus, you can still get a marriage license online through Project Cupid. Here’s how Project Cupid works:


1. Sign up for Project Cupid and start your application for a NYC marriage license

Getting a marriage license during Covid-19 is a two-part online application process. First, go to Project Cupid at, click on the blue “Start Application Now” button and go through the steps of creating an account and entering your and your prospective spouse’s information. At the end of this part, you will receive a confirmation number (which will also be emailed to you).


2. Return to Project Cupid and finish your application

This is the second part of the two-part Project Cupid online application process. Go back to, click on the blue “Log In and Continue Application” button and log in using the credentials you created in Step 1. Input the confirmation number you were given in Step one. You will need to upload photos of your government IDs (such as driver’s license), answer a few personal questions, and pay the $35 Marriage License fee with a credit card. After this, you will be able to schedule your marriage license online appointment. You will receive an email confirming your date, as well as a Microsoft Teams link and conference ID to use on the day of your online appointment.

Note that currently it is very competitive to get a marriage license appointment, and there may be no open appointment slots to choose from. Pro tip: the City Clerk’s Office regularly releases new online appointment dates every Thursday at 9am EST, so set an alarm for that time and keep your finger on the refresh button. You can also check the City Clerk’s Twitter account for announcements for new dates have been released, or you can routinely check to see if new time slots due to cancellations have popped up.

If you are unsuccessful in getting an appointment and there is urgency to your marriage — for instance, expiring visa reasons — you can DM the City Clerk on Twitter or email them at to plead your case. They may be able to grant appointments in emergency situations.

Lastly, if you are still unable to get a Project Cupid appointment, there are other City Clerk’s offices open on Long Island and upstate New York that you may be able to get your license at. Remember — if you’re getting married in NYC, you can get a marriage license from anywhere in New York state, not just NYC.


3. Have your online marriage license appointment

On your scheduled time and day, log onto your virtual appointment via the Microsoft Teams link in the email you received after you scheduled your appointment. The appointment time slot is for 45 minutes, but you’ll likely finish in around 30 minutes.

You will need to show the same government photo IDs you uploaded with your application, and confirm that you are both somewhere in New York state. Note that you must be together and in New York state during this online appointment. During the appointment you will use DocuSign to sign and digitally confirm your location. You will then receive a digital link to download your marriage license.


4. Get married in New York and sign the marriage license

As with pre-Covid marriage licenses, you will still need to wait at least 24 hours after you receive the license to get married. All marriage licenses are valid for 60 days.

After your virtual Zoom ceremony or in-person marriage ceremony, your officiant and witness(es) will need to sign the license, and you will need to upload the signed license back in the portal. Here’s a visual guide on how to complete a NYC marriage license. You will receive a confirmation email once you have successfully uploaded your completed license. If you do not receive a confirmation, you can also email the completed license to Congrats, you are married! You should receive your marriage certificate within 4 weeks.


Need to get married asap?


Planning a wedding for next year?


you cannot get a date, it’s all booked up. You are giving people false hope.

Hi Jonathan. I’m sorry you were unable to get an appointment and feel misled. This piece is an explanation of how Project Cupid works, and acknowledges that you may not be able to get a date at first (as well as offering a potential solution to getting one). I have several couples who were able to get an appointment through Project Cupid, so I would encourage you to keep checking in for new released dates.

Don’t give up. I wasn’t able to get an appointment either but my fiancé kept checking and resting the page every hour and was able to snag a date two weeks before we planned on marrying.

I have been trying to get a date to meet with the clerk also and I can’t get nothing they are not even allowing you to move to the next month smh

I have been trying to get a date and I can’t it’s not even allowing me to move to the next month I think that’s so unfair how long do I have to wait to get a date and on top of that y’all don’t have a number for people to call smh this is so frustrating my next move is channel 7

New appointments are released every Thursday at 9am, so create your profile fully, then log on at Thursday 8:55am and just continuously refresh the appointments page. Good luck!

The town of North Hempstead clerk will issue licenses for anyone. There number is 516-869-7659. I just got an appt for mid-April. Only catch is you have to have your birth certificate AND license. Hope this helps someone!

I just wanted to provide information on my Cupid experience to help you with your advice.

I started trying to register for Project Cupid in June and there were no appointments. I logged in on July 1 and found an appointment for July 9. It turns out that the city releases new appointments at the beginning of each month.

I attended my online appointment on July 9 and was married in Central Park on July 11.

I uploaded my completed marriage license to the Cupid Portal on July 12.

I received my marriage certificate on July 16.

The whole process was seamless and the NYC City Clerk was very helpful. NYC has done a brilliant job of rolling out this initiative.

Hey Chris, thanks for sharing your experience — glad it went seamlessly for you, and congrats on your recent marriage! Central Park is definitely a good choice for a stress-free yet beautiful wedding.

Happy it went “seamlessly” for him. They are irritating all the demons in my soul at this point. It’s been more than 6weeks and this piece of paper must
Be lost in the Amazon forest. What a headache

Hi Anna,
Oof, sorry to hear your certificate hasn’t shown up yet! I’d recommend reaching out to to follow up and inquire. Sometimes the City Clerk does unfortunately need a little prodding.

Hi Chris, were you able to get a permit for Central Park?


Hi Jholeyni,
The license appointment will be online via video conference. When you complete the Project Cupid process and select your appointment date, you should receive an email confirming the date/time and also a Microsoft Teams link for your video call. If you did not receive this, email to inquire.

Octavia Webb Russell

Oh my gosh how did you get your marriage license so quick I got married through cupid on july 23rd and still havent heard anything or recieved my marriage license as yet , is there a number that I can contact?

How did you get married in Central Park, me and my partner also planning to do that, please help give some advise thank you

Hi Jing,
I have a guide on having a Central Park wedding. Hope this helps!

Hi how long did you wait to received the email confirmation after you upload your marriage license

Hi Sharon,
You typically will get an email confirmation within 48 hours of regular business hours, so give it extra time if you submitted over the weekend or a holiday. If you do not hear from them after that, you can email to inquire.

We filled our application and paid the necessary fee, but it keeps saying that there are no available dates for the next 4 months.. Really upset:( Should we just keep checking the dates at their website everyday or call if it’s possible?

Hi Sarah! I know it’s a frustrating process when there aren’t any dates available. However, I would recommend checking back every morning for new spots. According to the City Clerk’s Twitter, they seem to release new dates every Thursday morning around 9am (but random cancellations can open up other spots). Good luck!


I paid the $35 and have been trying to get an appointment all month and it has been saying it’s all booked up until October and nothing there, I would of thought that because the fee was paid I would definitely receive a date but nothing as of yet and my ceremony date is around the corner and I am starting to panic, please tell me is there another way? I have been logging on the cupid site multiple times a day almost every day to where it’s stressing me out.

Hi Jeannetta,
Sorry to hear you’re having a tough time getting an appointment! I’ve heard the same story from many people, so you’re not alone. My best recommendation would be to follow the Marriage Bureau Twitter, where they announce new appointments. Typically it seems they’ve been releasing new appointments on Thursdays at 9am EST, so I’d recommend getting on the site this Thursday morning around 8:50am and start refreshing.

Celeste Carhuamaca

Hi I got married on July 11 and uploaded my marriage license a few days after and never received a confirmation. I’ve emailed the city clerk and tried calling several times but never got ahold of anyone. It is not until today that I read your blog and emailed them my license that I received a confirmation email. Thank you for the info!

Hi Celeste,
I’m so glad you found it helpful! Congratulations on your nuptials, and best wishes for the future!

Octavia Webb Russell

Oh my gosh how did you get your marriage license so quick I got married through cupid on july 23rd and still havent heard anything or recieved my marriage license as yet , is there a number that I can contact?

Hi Octavia,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues! I don’t have a phone number, but do have a few emails you can try. If you’re having issues with your license appointment, you can try emailing If you’ve already had your license appointment, got married, uploaded your completed license and are waiting on receiving confirmation and/or your marriage certificate, try emailing your completed license again to Good luck!

Does anyone know if we can get a license from any other town in NY state? I can’t wait til October.

Hi Elzbieta,
Yes, you can get your license from any open clerk in New York state. I’ve heard couples having luck with Scarsdale and Greenburgh, and also on Long Island. Good luck!

Hello Jocelyn, my wedding is this upcoming July 31st. I have tried many times to obtain a marriage license on the NY city website (Project Cupid), to no avail. It was so stressful! Because of your information, I was able to contact the city clerk in Scarsdale and have set a date to do a virtual marriage license application. I highly recommend contacting the Scarsdale NY city clerk’s office for anyone struggling to obtain a marriage license through new york city. It was so easy, Donna the city clerk has a lot of open dates available and was amazing to work with! Thank you Jocelyn for your recommendation! You really helped us out!

Hi Lei,
I’m so happy to hear this guide has been helpful! All the best for you on your wedding day!

Thank you for this informative article and message thread. Your piece of information on the VML e-mail we can use to send in our completed marriage license form was useful. In a moment I had a reply. However, after uploading our license to the NYC Cupid page from last week I have yet to receive a confirmation e-mail
. I can attest that the NYC City Clerk Twitter page is the best source for information on upcoming virtual appointments. Trust me. Contacting a representative from the City Clerks office may be a challenge still but once you obtain that appointment you should have a stress free appointment. I will be mentioning your blog page in my latest article on “Getting Married During Covid-19” on my page Thank you!

Hi CJ,
So glad to hear it was helpful for you in getting a Project Cupid marriage license!

Coming here to say a big thank you! I was feeling frustrated with the system and unsure when new appointments would be available, and I didn’t even think to check the city clerk’s twitter account — your blog & the comments section helped me set an alarm to check specifically on a Thursday around 9am and viola! I got an appointment for later this month, In fact there were several options available when I checked, so I was able to connect with my spouse and select one that was most convenient for his work schedule. I’m so relieved, and grateful to have gotten the scheduling ‘pro tip’ from your post!!

Hi Alyssa,
How wonderful to hear! I’m so glad I was able to help you out. Congrats on getting an appointment, and double congrats on your impending nuptials!

Hi Jocelyn,
I have received a confirmation email for my appointment date. The email says “log into nyc.cupid account using your device to start video conference and if you are using mobile device, download Microsoft Teams.” We will be using Laptop so do I still need Microsoft Teams? Also, I do not have a Microsoft Teams link in the confirmation email. Please advise. Thank you!

Hi Urja,
I would email the City Clerk to ask about the Teams link, and they would also be better able to advise on whether you need to download Team to your laptop:

Good afternoon, I have went through NYC Cupid had to wait 2.5 months for an appointment. I received an upload of the License. Me and my partner got married in Central Park 10/03. We uploaded the License but never received a confirmation email.My wife find the email to email the License and that was on 10/12 and I still haven’t received a certificate yet how can I contact them regarding this matter. Reading on here about someone receiving their marriage certificate 4 days later is really weird why I haven’t received ours.

Hi Joy,
If you emailed your completed license to and did not receive a confirmation, I’d try again. If that doesn’t work, reach out to .

Good luck!

Sorry if this is a silly question but is the city clerk a marriage officiant? Will we be officially married after our call or do we need to have a separate ceremony after we get the marriage license?

Hi Josh,
The City Clerk’s office is not performing ceremonies at the moment, only issuing licenses. You will need to arrange a separate ceremony after you obtain your license. If you’re interested in an online or in-person officiant, we perform those services!

Hello, I’m new to this thread. Can someone please tell me about their Central Park wedding experience please? We’ve been thinking about getting married there, our wedding would be late December. We already paid for the marriage license fee on Cupid’s website and currently waiting for an appointment date.

Hi Kim,

Congrats on your engagement! We photograph and marry many couples in Central Park these days, and have Central Park elopement packages with both photography and officiant services. You might find this guide helpful in planning your wedding:

Feel free to reach out if you need a photographer or officiant!

What’s the average cost to hire an officiant?

Hi Kim,
Our in-person officiant services start at $400, and Zoom online ceremonies start at $250.

After the online appointment, when do you get your marriage license?

If you are going through Project Cupid, you will have access to the marriage license immediately (there will be a download link in your Project Cupid portal).

Can I just print the Marriage license or do they send it by mail to you?

Hi Gloria,
If you get your marriage license through NYC’s Project Cupid, there will be a download link in your Project Cupid portal, and you can click and download it directly from there.

There is only a link directly for my marriage license can I print that?

Yes, after your license appointment with the City Clerk, a download link will appear in your Project Cupid portal. You can click this to download. This is your marriage license that will need to present at your ceremony to be signed.

Does anyone know how to reapply for a license if the one you got has expired?
My fiance and I got a license in July but couldn’t get logistics/details worked out before the 60 day limit, so we didn’t get married with the license we received. We want to reapply but it looks like the only option on the Cupid website is to upload your completed license. It doesn’t have any details about what to do if your license expired and it doesn’t let you try to schedule another appointment.
Any help would be appreciated!


Hi Yanina,
I’d recommend reaching out to to ask. They will be able to guide you on what to do.

Thank you so much! The information on this website was extremely helpful. I took the advice and went on the clerk’s Twitter account. If you have an emergency, you can send a DM asking for a date. That’s what I did and was able to get an appointment two days later. You will be more likely to get through using Twitter than sending an email. If you do send a DM try to do it early in the morning around 8:30am.

I’m so glad to hear this article was helpful and that you were able to get an appointment! Also, very helpful tips about the City Clerk’s Twitter. Always good to hear about what works for couples.

Hi i have successfully submitted my marriage license but didnt receive any confirmation email but on the cupid site it says it was successfully uploaded is it going to be a problem

Did you also submit to You should receive an email confirmation within roughly 48 hours if you submitted Monday-Friday (allow for lapses on weekends and holidays). If you didn’t, you can follow up with to inquire.

Yes i did and they replied me right away that they have received my license, thank you this article was very helpful.

Hi I keep checking NYC Cupid for available time slots in Januar 2021y. It keeps saying no available time slots for interview. How do I get an appt ASAP? I am currently pregnant and need to go on my fiancé’s insurance as mine is getting too expensive for the out of pocket. Is there an email I can send ?

Hi Kelly,
I would recommend reaching out to to inquire. You can also try DMing them on Twitter; they seem to be pretty responsive.

Hi, we got married on Dec 11 and uploaded the signed marriage license on the cupid website. We haven’t received our marriage certificate yet. Are we supposed to do anything else to be able to receive it? How long does it typically take? thanks

Hi Anirudh,

Have you emailed it ? After emailing it to that email address AND uploading it back to your Project Cupid account, you should get an email confirmation within a few days, and you’ll get your certificate in the mail in 4-6 weeks. If you did both these things and never got your email confirmation, email to inquire.

Hi, We were able to get our appt for Thursday afternoon. We know we have to wait 24 hrs, so we wanted to confirm that we will have what we need to get married on Saturday afternoon? I saw that one comment of someone having an appt and then getting married two days later. Thank you so much for such an informative blog

Hi Kimberly,
After your license is issued (it’s timestamped in the top-right corner), you must wait at least 24 hours after your license is issued, but then you have 60 days to use it.

Alexa Birchenough

I registered online, uploaded all required documents, paid the free and now am waiting for more appointment to become available. I see in your article the 60 day expiration period is was no longer valid during the height of the pandemic. Does that still apply today? We are getting married at the end of June. Should I just book any appointment available or wait until I’m in the 60 day window?

Hi Alexa,
At this point I’m recommending everyone get married within the 60-day window. New appointments open up every Thursday at 9am sharp, and are issued for 2-3 weeks out, so I’d start trying to get an appointment on Project Cupid in late April to get a slot for early May. Good luck!

Hi! How do we verify to them that we are in NY while in the appointment with them?

Hi Jojo,
I believe they will ask you to verbally confirm that you are in NY.

Please I’ve been searching for an Appointment for the past two months, after paying the marriage fee in January. And each time that I search, it keep saying that the month is filled up. I don’t know what to do.

Hi there,
New appointments are released every Thursday at 9am EST sharp, so create your Project Cupid portal, then go back on Thursday at 8:55am and just start refreshing for the new appointments to drop.

We have been waiting (post ceremony and upload) for our marriage certificate is there a back long and taking more than 4 weeks?

Hi Brian,
In addition to re-uploading to Project Cupid, did you also email your completed license to and get an email confirmation that it was received? If so, I’d suggest waiting 6 weeks, as the City Clerk estimates 4-6 weeks for turnaround. If it hasn’t arrived by then, you can inquire at

You have a lot of useful information-thank you!

Whats your thought on weddings April 2022 for City Hall. I’m currently planning an elopment from Scotland. Do you think City Hall will resume as normal soon?
I don’t want to book anything just incase

Hi Laura,
I’m so glad you found it helpful!

There has been no firm news about a re-opening date for NYC City Hall, so I cannot say for sure. Even if they did reopen, it’s unclear what new policies there may be (e.g. appointment-based system, etc.). My recommendation to all my current couples is to plan an elopement, as you can still get married anywhere in NYC with a private officiant. All my elopement packages include both photo + officiant, so it’s everything you need to get married — you just have to pick a spot!

Be aware that if you try to get a license outside of NYC, the town clerk may require more documents than NYC requires. One town requires you to bring your passport, drivers license, birth certificate AND social security card.I eventually called my City Council representative, who helped us got an appointment -after three months of trying.

Very true! It’s prudent to call up the City Clerk you’re intending to visit to ask about required documentation. Glad to hear you were finally able to get an appointment!

I just paid the marriage license fee on Tuesday and was able to get an appointment the next day on Wednesday. I refreshed relentlessly for almost 24hrs, I likely got someone’s cancelation. The first appointment that I came across was taken before I could even hit enter so don’t sit and think for even a second just take it. The second time I played no games and snagged it right away. My advice if you have the time is refresh, refresh, refresh!!!



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