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Hi, I’m Jocelyn, a wedding photographer in New York.

I’m a California girl who, despite her penchant for windswept hair and surfer slang, has happily made her home in New York for the past 15+ years. I live in Brooklyn with my boyfriend and our eight-year-old Havanese, Leah. I make a point to travel solo every winter, and have accumulated passport stamps from six continents in the process. I make a mean miso black cod, I think storytelling is an undervalued art, and I’ve been known to close out the dance floor. Also: I really, really like weddings.

For me, wedding photography is less about documenting a moment as it is about capturing a feeling. It’s the wave of crazy-in-love relief that washes over the groom’s face when he sees his bride for the first time. It’s how post-ceremony newlyweds can’t stop sneaking little grins at each other. It’s how there’s nary a butt in the seats when the band cranks it up and everyone is dancing their hearts out. That stuff? Yeah, that’s the good stuff. And I hope when you look back on my photographs way off in the future, you’ll remember exactly how you felt the moment it happened.


Why you should hire me:

Firstly, liking your photographer’s aesthetic is of paramount importance. But arguably a close second is aligning with your photographer’s personality and professional style — and who better to comment on that than couples I’ve previously worked with?

One of my biggest sources of inspiration is traveling the world, dragging my Nikon through deserts, forests and oceanscapes, bustling cities and remote countryside. I developed my documentary style of shooting as I mingled amongst locals, capturing instances that were a little more candid, a little more honest. Back in the States on more familiar soil, I wanted to find the same kind of perspective at weddings. Flower girl photobombs, the bride calming the groom with a knowing hand-squeeze, in-laws Vogue-ing on the dance floor — everything that’s striking and full of life.

For posed portraits, I love more creative, editorial compositions that play off angles and scenery. Even better is when the couple and I collaborate on ideas that are unique to their personality, or are a bit (or very) unconventional.

I’ve photographed weddings and engagements on both coasts, and have been lucky enough to have my work published in local and international magazines, such as The Knot. Take a look at my shots and style, and if it’s a match, let’s make something amazing.

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