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Online officiating for Covid-19 weddings


Thanks to Governor Cuomo’s April 2020 executive orders 202.20 and 202.21, the solemnization of a marriage ceremony is now legally possible via audio-video technology. After obtaining your marriage license online via Project Cupid, you must wait at least 24 hours and then can get married via a Zoom wedding in NYC, and we’d be honored to be your online wedding officiant.


Collection I

• Pre-wedding consultation
• Online space via Zoom for 100+ attendees
• Up to 3 edits and final approval of ceremony script
• Custom pre-ceremony photo slideshow creation and display as guests arrive
• Customized ceremony with personal vows, rituals and guest participation if desired; ring exchange; pronouncement (~15-25 minutes)
• Legal signing of NY marriage paperwork (at separate online meeting, if desired)
• Digital recording of Zoom ceremony

starts at $899


Collection II

• Pre-wedding consultation
• Online space via Zoom for up to 100 attendees
• Semi-personalized ceremony with personal vows if desired; ring exchange; pronouncement (~10 minutes)
• Legal signing of NY marriage paperwork
• Digital recording of Zoom ceremony

starts at $299


Collection III

• Pre-wedding consultation
• Online space via Zoom for couple and up to 50 attendees
• City Hall-style ceremony, ring exchange, pronouncement (~2-3 minutes)
• Legal signing of NY marriage paperwork

starts at $199
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Who are you?

Everly Studios is a full-service wedding and elopement photography studio run by Jocelyn Voo, an NYC wedding photographer and — you guessed it! — an ordained NYC wedding officiant. In addition to offering photography services and photo + officiant elopement packages, we also offer online wedding officiating via virtual Zoom weddings in NYC.

What online formats do you use for virtual weddings?

We use Zoom because of the number of guests you can have and its recording capabilities.

What do your online wedding officiant services include?

First we’ll have a pre-wedding phone consultation to get to know each other and understand exactly what kind of ceremony you’re envisioning. Then there are different levels of customization, depending on what you need.

Custom ceremony: For couples who are still desiring the same level of customization as their pre-Covid wedding would have offered. Can include ring exchange, personal vows, guest participation, and cultural and/or religious rituals. Ceremonies typically last around 15-25 minutes, depending on how many elements you include. You’ll have final editorial approval of the script prior to the ceremony. A recording of the Zoom wedding  (delivered via the cloud in mp4 format) is included.

Personalized ceremony: For couples who are downsizing their nuptials and want a ceremony with some level of personalization, but without all the bells and whistles. Can include ring exchange and personal vows. Ceremonies typically last around 10 minutes. A recording of the Zoom wedding (delivered via the cloud in mp4 format) is included.

City Hall-style ceremony: For couples who just want to say a fast, legally binding “I do.” These City Hall-style vows typically last around two minutes, and do not include personal vows or customization.

After all ceremonies, the NYC online wedding officiant will digitally sign the paperwork to ensure your marriage is legal.

What is the cost for online officiating a Zoom wedding in NYC?

Prices start at $199 for fast City Hall-style ceremonies, $299 for a personalized ceremony, and $899 for a custom ceremony.

Where are your online officiants ordained to perform?

Our NYC online wedding officiants are ordained and registered to wed any couple in the state of New York (including the 5 boroughs of NYC, Long Island and the Hudson Valley).




virtual wedding in NYC via Zoom

So how do we get our marriage license with the Marriage Bureau temporarily closed due to coronavirus?

If you’re getting married in NYC, here’s the steps to getting a marriage license online via Project Cupid. You will need to get the marriage license at least 24 hours in advance of your ceremony (but no further out than 60 days). Please note, Project Cupid is backed up and appointments are scarce, so I’d recommend checking every Thursday around 9am, when they tend to release appointments. You can also go outside the NYC metro area (such as Long Island and Rockland County) and go to a City Clerk that is open for an appointment.

Do we need to physically be in New York for the Zoom wedding?

You will need to be together somewhere in New York state during the ceremony, but don’t necessarily need to be in the five boroughs.

Does our witness need to be with us physically?

Your witness can be with you physically or they can attend the ceremony virtually via the online ceremony. However, they must be physically located somewhere in New York state.

Can we say our own vows?

With the Personalized and Custom ceremonies, yes, couples are more than welcome to have a moment to say personal vows to each other if you’d like.

We want to have religious and/or cultural elements in our ceremony. Is that possible?

While we weren’t ordained in the Catholic Church and cannot perform as rabbis, for Custom ceremonies, we certainly can include certain elements. Let us know when you reach out!

Will you marry LGBTQ+ couples?

Absolutely, all lovers are welcome here. Same-sex marriages were legalized in New York in 2011, and we are honored to wed any couple in love.

How do we sign the license?

After the ceremony, you must sign the license in the online officiant’s presence. You can do so either by hand (print out, sign with black ink, and scan), or you can sign digitally via programs like Adobe or DocuSign. If the witness is physically with the couple, they can then sign the license. If the witness is watching virtually, the couple must email the document to the witness to digitally sign, then have it returned to the couple. Lastly, the couple must email the document to the officiant for their digital signature. Note that the witness and officiant must sign the document in the same day as the ceremony.

We just made the decision to have a Zoom wedding in NYC next week! Do you do last-minute online ceremonies?

Yes, we do! Ten days or more is ideal to get everything squared away for a Personalized or Custom ceremony, but we’ve been able to do last-minute City Hall ceremonies in less than 24 hours. Get in touch!